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Biological Specimen Inventory

Feature Focus

Location Structure

February 2023

One of the primary functions of software like BSI is to provide tracking for the specimens that move through the workflows of specimen handling facilities.

Notifications Preferences

January 2023

BSI provides many options allowing the user to customize their experience and tailor it to their needs and preferences. One such example of this is the Notifications Preferences BSI has.

BSI Templates

December 2022

BSI’s template functionality has been specifically designed to help speed up and streamline the process of entering specimens into a database.

Search Tool

November 2022

It is important that tracking software like BSI provides users with simple, intuitive tools for finding data and keeping tabs on their work.

Select Rows Tool

October 2022

In a table containing many records, it’s helpful to have a tool that allows you to easily select a subset of those records for editing or processing.

Saving Requisitions in BSI Engage

August 2021

In the BSI Client (the desktop application for accessing your database) users have been able to save requisitions they are working on and come back to them later.

BSI Launcher

June 2021

Downloading and installing the BSI Launcher is your gateway to securely tracking your biospecimens through their entire life cycle. Many BSI users only use its main feature, which is to launch the desktop BSI client application.