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Biological Specimen Inventory

BSI Launcher

BSI Launcher

June 2021

Downloading and installing the BSI Launcher is your gateway to securely tracking your biospecimens through their entire life cycle. Many BSI users only use its main feature, which is to launch the desktop BSI client application. Once they open the BSI client and start documenting their work with specimens, they see no need for the Launcher until they login to BSI again. What other functionality may they be missing?

screenshot of BSI Launcher tabs
BSI Launcher tabs

The BSI Launcher has four distinct tabs: Get Started, BSI News, BSI Support, and About.

The Get Started tab allows the user to select which database instance to access and has a Settings icon for advanced configuration (for databases that use Single Sign On or proxy servers for their BSI access). To launch the BSI client application, confirm the instance you want to access is visible in the dropdown and click Launch BSI Client. A window will open where you can add your login credentials (username, password, and database).

screenshot of BSI Launcher support tab
BSI Launcher support tab

The BSI News tab contains a welcome message and BSI support contact information. BSI version upgrade news is accessed from the Launcher’s BSI Support tab.

The BSI Support tab provides multiple resources to get help with BSI or to learn more about it. The tab includes a phone number where you can call BSI support M-F 8am-5pm Eastern, a link to email BSI Support, and the User Guide link.

The User Guide link will take you to the BSI User Support site. From there you can access the User Guide by typing any search words into either of the search boxes and clicking the magnifying glass or by selecting one of the tabs, such as BSI Basics, Specimen Management, Administration & Set-up or Support. You can also access the user support site for your database by selecting the Communities tab where your database users can share files and insights. In the News section of the BSI User Support site version release information is available. Click on “version release” for a list of enhancements added to BSI in each release. For upcoming release information, click on “UAT/Beta testing” to see a list of enhancements coming in the next monthly BSI release.

screenshot of BSI Launcher support tab
BSI Launcher about tab

The About tab provides information about the launcher version and includes a Reset Launcher button. If at any time selecting the Launch BSI Client button (on the Get Started tab) fails to produce a login window or if entering the correct credentials and selecting the Login button failed to log the user into the database, this reset button will refresh the BSI Launcher and offer the user an opportunity to login with the refreshed launcher.

Much like the BSI client, the BSI Launcher packs a vast amount of functionality. Familiarity with the available functionality can save you time by providing valuable tools and information at the click of a mouse.