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SRL Advantage


Why SRL Advantage?

SRL Advantage features include an adaptable and configurable web-based application that allows for the flexible tailoring of the catalog, a central point of access to maximize convenience, a dynamic search functionality that gives quick refinement of even the largest collections, a flexible data model that is sure to meet your needs, secure hosting services provided by IMS, and many other useful features.

Central Point of Access

SRL Advantage creates a valuable research information network asset by aggregating biospecimen data across multiple studies, collections, and/or institutions to provide one central search engine for researchers to locate and request access to resources. Collections can be made private for use exclusively within specific institutions or public so that any researcher can locate and request access to a collection. Users can search across the database based on a variety of criteria, browse collection information, and request to be directed to a specified contact to facilitate the acquisition of desired resources.

All data are compiled and stored conveniently and securely on IMS maintained servers to provide secure web access and maximize data utility. With 99.9% uptime, your data is always where you need it, when you need it.

Customizable, Web Based App

Built on a dynamic framework, SRL Advantage allows comprehensive configuration of all features. SRL Advantage is based on the Specimen Resource Locator system funded by the National Cancer Institute. Its responsive, platform neutral web design allows convenient access from all Internet capable devices. IMS will work with you to configure SRL Advantage so that you receive a user interface tailored to your research catalog. Whether specimens, subjects, or repositories, IMS has the expertise to leverage and customize SRL Advantage to your specifications.

SRL Advantage also supports customizable branding to match your organization's look, color, logos, and more (for examples, see Demos). IMS can even provide SRL Advantage under your domain name to match your organization's URL.

Customization of the SRL features to support user specified functionality is also available. Contact IMS for more details, or to discuss additional ways that SRL Advantage is guaranteed to meet your needs.

An intuitive and user-friendly search interface makes SRL Advantage the ideal tool to assist investigators with their research needs. With a variety of search interface configurations, the application can be tailored to optimize searches on key data elements in any institution's resource network.

Automatically filtered database results provide quick quality refinement of even the largest collections. Institutions of all sizes will find SRL Advantage to be a responsive and effective utility, capable of managing any collections or resources that a researcher may need.

IMS' expert team will work with your organization to determine what search elements will most effectively streamline your search functionality and will recommend and implement solutions according to your requirements.

Flexible Data Model & Structure

A flexible data model structure makes SRL Advantage suitable for all institutional collections. The data model can be configured to reflect a system of repositories or individual collections within a singular repository. The meta-data associated with the resources are also configurable.

SRL Advantage flexibility is also reflected in the variety of options available for populating the database. These include .csv and .xml file data uploads and manual data entry web pages. IMS expertise can assist you in your initial data entry inquiries and help generate a work flow that compliments your institution's requirements.

Additional Features

SRL Advantage can provide email notification of any updates that are made to a collection. Administrators are able to exercise absolute knowledge of all collections included within their database.

An additional ability to link collections to scientific publications in which collections have been utilized will promote the value of your collections and further integrate your organization into the scientific research industry.

Secure Hosting

Hosting services are provided by IMS on our secure servers with a variety of authentication options. Your organization's data are stored safely and redundantly on IMS servers at two secure computer center locations.

While local hosting is an option, organizations typically rely on IMS hosted storage because of our security posture and cost effectiveness. Contact IMS for more information on our computer facilities and other security features.

SRL Advantage is open source software and organizations are able to request and use the SRL platform on their own servers. Contact IMS for more information.