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SRL Advantage

Examples of Active Specimen Resource Locator Sites

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We currently have a growing list of very happy customers that enjoy our well designed software, our quick and friendly help center, and the numerous updates we make to incorporate new requested features. Take a look at the SRL sites currently active and being utilized by many.

NCI: Specimen Resource Locator

The Specimen Resource Locator (SRL) is a biospecimen resource database designed to help researchers locate resources that may have the samples needed for their investigational use. This publicly searchable database includes information about biospecimen banks and sample procurement services. The specimens and samples come from non-commercial, either NCI or non-NCI-funded resources. Investigators can search the database and gain access to thousands of specimens of various tumor, organ, and preservation methods.

ISBER: International Repository Locator

The International Repository Locator (IRL) is an initiative by ISBER to help investigators locate biospecimen and data repositories by developing a directory of repository information that can be searched online. The International Repository Locator also seeks to increase the profile of research and biobanking activities being supported by individual repositories amongst key global stakeholders including scientific societies, researchers, funding bodies, governments, consortia and private industry.