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SRL Advantage

Plans & Pricing

SRL Setup (one time) and Subscription (Annual)

The one-time setup fee includes the construction of the base system including customizations (fields, data model, branding), web based training, and an unlimited number of users on your database. The annual subscription cost provides for general system maintenance, ensuring compatibility of new features with your database, performance tuning, programming to implement new technologies, the installation of new features, and technical support.

SRL Cloud Hosting (Annual)

The IMS computer center services provide all computer hardware and software for the operation and hosting of an SRL database in a central computing facility with 24 hour on-site security personnel, back-up generators and redundant internet connections. SRL hosting services also include providing a firewall to protect your data, administration of the database servers, performing back-ups and other computer center functions.

Optional Components

  • Web Services API:
    IMS can provide a web services API to which you can push data to update the SRL database.
  • Institutional URL:
    IMS can setup the URL for your SRL so that it appears to originate from your institution even if IMS hosts the web site.
  • Institutional SSO Tie-In:
    IMS can tie the user authentication for your SRL instance into your institutional SSO system.

Pricing Table

Component Setup Cost Annual Subscription
Base System $10,000 $2,000
SRL Cloud Hosting $2,000 $1,000
Optional Components
Web Services API $2,000 $1,000
Institutional URL $2,000 $1,000
Institutional SSO Tie-In $2,000 $1,000

Product customization, data migration, workflow analysis, or other consulting services are also available - contact us for more information.