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Why BioShare?

Biorepositories, large institutions, and biospecimen networks with extensive sample collections and corresponding data sets are increasingly in need of efficient and accessible tools to publicize and share their collections with other researchers. The problem that these organizations face is how to create a secure website where researchers can easily locate and request biospecimens as well as provide a system to track and vet these requests.

BioShare is the answer. BioShare is an easy to use web portal for specimen and data search and request submission that provides a central storefront for your specimen and data exchange needs. Requests and communications are automatically tracked by BioShare, helping to ensure that your resources end up in the right hands and for the right reasons. The BioShare system has the added bonus of flexibility which allows your organization to tailor the interface, data capture, and processing workflows to fit your specific requirements. To learn more, explore all of BioShare's features or you can contact IMS to see how this resource request tracker is perfect for your organization.

Integrated Request Tracking System

Specimen and data request tracking have never been easier. With BioShare’s comprehensive platform, complete tracking from initial request submission to a voting and approval process is now possible. The program centralizes data and specimen requests to generate a complete and easily followed tracking history. Communications with requestors are managed internally to keep all parties up to date on the request processing and status in an interactive and intuitive website.

Integrated Request Tracking System

BioShare also provides all the tools your organization needs to catalog your shared resource requests. The site contains modules for:

  • Requestor inquisition, review, and approval
  • MTA generation with optional Docusign-backed E-Signature
  • Document management
  • Dataset management
  • Publications
  • Configurable Workflow Actions
  • Email Scheduling
  • Voting
  • Cost tracking
  • Project reports

These modules collectively make BioShare the premier specimen/data request tracking resource.

Convenient & Smart Search Interface

Specimen and resource data are provided in detail through the search function. A mobile-friendly, non-browser specific, and fully responsive platform is at the core of BioShare’s convenient usability. Designed to be intuitive, fast, and customizable, BioShare’s search functionality is ideal for finding and requesting the specimens and datasets your organization has available, even while they’re on the go.

IMS can collaborate with your organization to construct the search utility to your specifications. The process is tailored to maximize requestor convenience and our 99.9+% uptime makes streamlining proprietor review and approval easy and efficient.

Flexible Request Forms

Flexible Request Forms

Request forms can be designed to match the needs of both the requestor and the proprietary parties. Requests can be submitted for specimens or datasets and can be as specific or as general as necessary.

An institution-specific request form will collect data on researcher background and the specific specimen data needs.

Detailed Inventory Reporting

Researchers benefit from the ability to specify material types, disease conditions, diagnoses, and more when searching a BioShare collection.

IMS can also generate custom reports to provide metrics on any details your organization requires. Reports can also be generated to reflect inventory and track metrics on data requests.

Branding Capabilities

Design and color specifications are provided to brand BioShare’s look to match your company’s image. Researchers will instantly recognize your BioShare’s search and request interface and associate it with your organization.

Security & Hosting Services

BioShare's functionality ensures a secure environment with TLS-based authentication, so users can feel secure on your website. Role-specific access controls provide tailored security settings that keep you in control of your site permissions. As the proprietor, your organization can also control what data sets are publicly available or only privately accessible. System security features protect your information ensuring that only the right people are able to access your data and resources.

IMS can provide hosting and staffing services to process and manage your BioShare workflow, maximizing convenience so that your institution will only need to approve requests and provide specimens and data. BioShare is deployed as a SaaS system, hosted in the IMS FISMA compliant computer centers. The IMS computer center has all the resources to meet your data storage needs. Our centers have an NIH approved IT System Security Plan that meets the OMB Circular A-130 guidelines and the NIST guidelines for IT system security at the “moderate” level.