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field - Variable in class BatchError
The field, in table.field form, containing the error
field - Variable in class ReportSpec.Criteria
The field to search on, in table.field form; for instance "vial.vial_status".
FieldDescriptor - Class in bsi.webservices.datatypes
A structure describing a field within a BSI database table.
FieldDescriptor() - Constructor for class FieldDescriptor
FieldFlags() - Constructor for class WebServiceConstants.FieldFlags
fields - Variable in class CodeList
fields - Variable in class TableDescriptor
Optional array of fields for this table.
FieldTypes() - Constructor for class WebServiceConstants.FieldTypes
flags - Variable in class FieldDescriptor
A bitfield of flags associated with this field.
flags - Variable in class TableDescriptor
A bitfield of flags associated with this table.
format - Variable in class FieldDescriptor
The format of this field, in table form.
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