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TableDescriptor - Class in bsi.webservices.datatypes
A structure describing a table in the BSI database.
TableDescriptor() - Constructor for class TableDescriptor
TableFlags() - Constructor for class WebServiceConstants.TableFlags
TaskDescriptor - Class in bsi.webservices.datatypes
TaskDescriptor() - Constructor for class TaskDescriptor
TestService - Class in bsi.webservices.service
A simple service for testing client implementations.
TestService() - Constructor for class TestService
title - Variable in class ReportResult
A string containing the title for the report
toString() - Method in class CodeList
toString() - Method in class Node
toString() - Method in class ReportResult
toString() - Method in class ReportSpec.Criteria
toString() - Method in class ReportSpec
transferShipmentToBatch(String, String, String) - Method in class ShipmentService
Transfers all vials in shipment to a new batch.
type - Variable in class FieldDescriptor
The human-readable type of this field.
type - Variable in class TaskDescriptor
A human-readable description of this task type.
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