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Complete Specimen Management | BSI Systems

With over 17 years of development and successful implementation, BSI is a truly informed and thorough biospecimen inventory software. Detailed, user-specific tracking of requisitions, specimen procedures, subject consent, and study permissions are a few of BSI’s most important functions, but the application also aids in the generation of customizable and valuable metrics, entry of integral data, and results collection. BSI also allows for convenient on-the-go access through a powerful web client. Unique customizability provides scalability to meet the needs of growing repositories and biobanks.

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SRL Advantage

SRL Advantage | BSI Systems

SRL Advantage provides a powerful search engine to aid in the location of biospecimen resources across biobanking networks of all sizes. SRL’s programming is open source, but can be expertly adapted by our IMS staff to fit the specific needs of your organization. The program can also operateis available as a cloud hosted service, providing management of your biospecimen information in one conveniently accessible and secure location.

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Bioshare | BSI Systems

BioShare is a comprehensive biospecimen resource and data request tracking system. The program, operated as a web portal, includes modules for request submission and approval, vetting, documentation inquiries, voting, and requestor/proprietor communication. Request forms can be adapted to include the information your specific organization needs, and can be formatted to match your company’s appearance as well. Designed as a solution to the sometimes difficult procedure of publicizing and sharing collections with outside researcher; this detailed and uniquely extensive software is guaranteed to meet your needs.

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