Specimen Tracking Software Testimonials

BSI is a very sophisticated software package that allows organizations to manage and maintain biological specimens. Our experience with BSI has been extremely positive as the software package has evolved through time.

Kimberly Walker-Thurmond
American Cancer Society

I have used BSI since it was first introduced and have always found it to be a very efficient means of tracking a large number of samples received, processed and distributed. It also has excellent reporting capabilities. The support staff has been universally helpful in resolving any questions and in incorporating requests for enhancements.

Jackie King

Discrepancy tracking in BSI allows us to commit vials to inventory while obtaining resolution on errors. It also allows us to report on trends by site or study to promote continuous improvement in data flow.

Carla Chorley
Repository Director, SeraCare Life Sciences

I have worked with BSI at my previous position and absolutely love it. BSI is capable of so much more than simple sample management. We were able to build templates for complex workflows from extraction to NGS library prep. And they have great support staff.

Timea Metzger-Nelson

We made the move to BSI now a decade (or more?) ago and it is SUCH a relief to know that any and all questions about our collections can be answered in the main with the click of a keyboard.

Current Customer
National Institutes of Health

It is a great product.

Garrie Richardson