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With over 40 years of experience in information technology support and valuable customer support, Information Management Services, Inc. (IMS) is a team of over 200 computer and biomedical professionals dedicated to providing clients with premium services at competitive prices.

Located in the Washington Metropolitan Area with offices in Rockville and Calverton, Maryland, our long-term clients include:

We provide a wide variety of services including cloud computing and hosting support, analytics services and data management, applications development, web services, and clinical trial support. IMS promotes a customer oriented environment, with employee organization philosophies designed to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs.

Since our beginning in 1974, IMS has maintained confidential medical research data for over 200 research trials and projects. We work on clinical trials, including drug and/or device trials that require all information remain confidential for study integrity. Our state of the art computer center and security measures will ensure the confidentiality your data.

For more information on IMS or the services we provide, visit our corporate website.

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